Pro-Drive Outboards

Gale Marine is proud to carry Pro-Drive Outboards right here in Western Wisconsin.
The inventors and manufacturers of Pro-Drive are the outdoorsmen
that brought you the first ever Shallow Water Outboard specifically
designed for hunting, fishing, trapping, bowfishing, and commercial purposes.

Why Pro-Drive Outboards

It only made sense to power the such a well designed custom boat with the most reliable surface drive mud motor on the market. The full power auto reverse is impressive and can get you out of a jam quickly and painlessly. Pro-Drive motors pair well with our custom boats, which have a tapered chine, providing superior handling when you need it most. Gale Marine only wants to offer the best, with satisfaction guaranteed. Contact us for a free demo ride and see for yourself how the Pro-Drive Outboards handle with our boats!

Fantastic Features

  • Surface Drive Propeller
  • Neutral
  • A Gear Driven Lower Unit
  • Full Power Auto Reverse
  • A Reduced Propeller to Engine RPM Ratio
  • Hydraulic Power Trim for instant on-the-fly adjustment
  • A Twist Grip Throttle Control which Eliminates The Need of a Cable
  • Ease of Operation from a Seated or Standing Position
  • Optional Remote Steering & Power Trim
  • Available in 25hp (great kicker motor for bowfishing!) and 40hp (our most popular with our mud boats)
Gale Marine Prodrive Explained
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