Gale Marine Custom Mud Boats

Gale Marine is the Midwest’s choice for quality custom aluminum mud boats. We are located near the backwaters of the Mississippi River, and would be happy to set up a demo ride to show you what our mud boats are capable of.  We have proudly put our name on our products since 2012.

Custom Mud Boats

Included in all Gale Marine Mud Boat Builds:

  • 5086 .125″ aluminum bottom & sides
  • T-lock gunnels w/ rub rails
  • 6 switch panel w/USB port & 12V plug
  • Max It Out LED stern light & navigation lights
  • Full flat floor w/flotation
  • Front deck w/hatch & grab rails
  • 21″ sides
  • Battery tray & battery disconnect
  • Transducer mount & bracket
  • Built-in gun box in front deck w/access to additional storage compartment beneath
  • Square nose (pointed bow/mod v is an option)
  • Straight transom (hybrid & hunt deck are options)

Our Mission

Search & Rescue Boats

Our rescue boats are built with a large open area for medical emergencies and can include accessories such as a removable ladder for divers, grab rails where needed, and much more.

Why Choose Gale Marine

Our standard aluminum thickness is 1/8″ 5086 aluminum for bottom & sides, but if you need 3/16″ that’s an option too.  A reverse chine makes for superior handling, no skipping or sliding – we’d be happy to show you on a demo ride!  With several stringers running the full length of the boat and plenty of reinforcement, they make a great choice for working your way through muddy backwaters and swamps.

Transom options:  Our hybrid transom is our most popular, easy to step into boat from the back and creates the most space within the boat with no need for pods.  A hunt deck straight across the back is also an option is you prefer.  Or if you have no need for these, the straight transom is always an option and is included in the base price of any mud boat.

Bow options:  Our pointed bow tapered toward the front cuts the waves well.  We can also make your boat to have a square nose if you prefer, included in the base price.  Our front deck would be dropped 2″ with the ability to mount your trolling motor on the front, or we can do a completely flush front deck if preferred.

Side height options:  Our standard is the low profile 21″ sides.  If you prefer 24″ sides for taking on bigger water we would be happy to do this.

Standard layouts:  Catwalks straight to the rear of boat, 1 or 2 matching angled seat boxes w/storage, rear deck with 2-3 storage compartments or saddle shape rear deck with compartments as needed.  Catwalks are optional and so are catwalk trays beneath that do not extend completely to the front for those of you that like more stowing space.  A 6″ shelf can be on either side instead for holding guns, cupholders, shells, etc, for the hunters out there.  Center or side console we’ve built plenty of so if you prefer a steering wheel over tiller handle, we can certainly get you set up for that.

Built-in options:  Our built-in gun box within the front deck contains an additional hidden storage compartment beneath, ideal spot for your trolling motor batteries.  Our built-in 9 gallon fuel tank we place under the extended front deck with a bit of stowing space, or we can make an extended capacity fuel tank within the rear deck if you’ve got longer traveling to do.  A built-in permanent winch can be installed within the front deck.  A built-in live well can be in the rear deck centered or on the port side as part of the catwalk or as an angled passenger seat box.  Built-in 8 ft rod lockers can be within one of the catwalks of your choice or centered within the front deck.  We also can add rod holders under the catwalk if you like it more open.  For lighting options, our built-in headlights light up the shore nicely and built-in reverse lights come in handy at the boat launch in the dark.

Removable options: From a removable dog ladder off the transom, removable grab bar, removable enclosed light box on the front deck (with camo paint and camo blind material to cover the front), removable front deck extension for fishing, accessory holders for a removable skiff holder or Texas rigs.

We will install your motor of choice that meets the boat’s rating.

Pro-Drive Outboards

Gale Marine is proud to be a Pro-Drive Dealer and full service right here in Western Wisconsin.
The inventors and manufacturers of Pro-Drive are the outdoorsmen
that brought you the first ever Shallow Water Outboard specifically
designed for hunting, fishing, and commercial purposes.

Why Pro-Drive Outboards

We are a dealer and full service center for Pro-Drive surface drive mud motors.  Click on the link to see all the Pro-Drive motor options:

Pro-Drive – Shallow water and shallow draft outboard motors (

Get yours ordered today!

Fantastic Features

  • Surface Drive Propeller
  • Neutral
  • A Gear Driven Lower Unit
  • Full Power Auto Reverse
  • A Reduced Propeller to Engine RPM Ratio
  • Hydraulic Power Trim for instant on-the-fly adjustment
  • A Twist Grip Throttle Control which Eliminates The Need of a Cable
  • Ease of Operation from a Seated or Standing Position
  • Optional Remote Steering & Power Trim
  • Available in 25hp (great kicker motor for bowfishing!) and 40hp (our most popular with our mud boats)
Gale Marine Prodrive Explained
gear box Pro-Drive Outboards