Mud Boats

If you’re in search of tough mud boats built to fit your needs, Gale Marine is the company you need! Having plenty of reinforcement and strings that run the whole length of the boat, our boats are durable. You can get through stumps, rocks, mud, heavy vegetation, and much more! The best part is – you get full involvement in the creation process. Paying close attention to detail, we want your input the entire way through. Gale Marine believes that every customer deserves the mud boat of their dreams!

High Quality

At Gale Marine, we believe that you deserve high quality, custom mud boats built specifically for you. Proudly placing our name on custom boats since 2012, we want to put superior quality in your hands!

If you have never been the owner of a mud boat, you are in for a treat. Mud boats are generally for shallow water hunting when you are seeking out waterfowl such as ducks. When you are searching for the ideal design of the motor for your hunting trip, take into consideration your terrain! It depends solely on what type of applications or areas that you would like to utilize it in. Mud boats are the perfect choice for working through muddy bayous and swamps thanks to the effortless navigation and power.

Gale Marine Custom Boat Mud
Custom Mud Boat in the water

Ready for Shallow Waters

No matter which way you look at it, mud boats are the prime choice for duck hunters! Boats with outboard motors tend to not trek quite as well in shallow waters! This is especially difficult if the water contains muck, mud, or other various debris within it. This is generally due to the outboard design, which includes a water-cooled motor. In this case, since mud boats have motors that are air-cooled, it is effortless to guide them throughout shallow waters.

An Affordable Mud Boat for All Your Needs

Built less for speed, mud boats are primarily for sly navigation of a duck hunt. Most only average between 20-30 mph! Regardless, with ever-evolving technology, there are higher-end engines and upgrades that are capable of faster speeds. On top of slower speeds, most mud boats do not have the option to reverse. In addition, you can maneuver around areas that are generally tricky for most motorists – quickly and effortlessly. There are several things that you can do to ensure that you own the best mud boat you can afford. This can include a new propeller, load distribution, or proper gearing for load and engine. On top of that, providing upkeep to make sure that your engine is in pristine running condition is essential. This may include good fuel, spark plugs, and routine drive service.

Gale Marine has a mission of creating the perfect custom mud boats for you! Going out of our way to curate the boat, motor, and trailer just for you. In other words, we make your dreams a reality! Contact us today!